Languages we teach

Most recognized and commonly used in the 21st century, considered an international language. Originated by Angles, Saxons, and Jutes.

Mandarin 🇨🇳

People speaking: 1.2 billion

Countries: China

Origin: 1250 BCE

Arabic 🇮🇷

People speaking: 274 million

Countries: Arab league

Origin: Mesopotamia

Portuguese 🇵🇹

People speaking: 234 million

Countries: Portugal, Brazil, and more.

Origin: Galicia, North Portugal

Hebrew 🇮🇱

People speaking: 9 million

Countries: Israel

Origin: Kingdom of Israel

Spanish 🇪🇸

People speaking: 500 million

Countries: Spain, USA, Mexico, most of central and south America

Origin: "Vulgar Latin" by Romans.

French 🇫🇷

People speaking: 76.8 million

Countries: France, Canada, Belgium, Monaco and more.

Origin: "Vulgar Latin"

Russian 🇷🇺

People speaking: 258 million

Countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia

Origin: Kievan Rus

Japanese 🇯🇵

People speaking: 128 million

Countries: Japan

Origin: Unclear


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