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With professional teachers, flexible learning schedules and courses for all levels, our live, online and in-person classes will have you speaking confidently in no time.

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Rusian Classes Online and In-Person

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Personal Russian Tutor

If you're planning to immerse yourself in a Russian-speaking environment or desire to master the language of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, enrolling in personalized Russian language tutoring can be your pathway to rapid and effective language acquisition. Whether your aim is to enhance your conversational abilities, grasp the intricacies of Russian grammar, or prepare for language proficiency exams, a private tutor can provide the flexibility and personalized guidance essential for your success.

One of the primary benefits of private tutoring is the opportunity to tailor your learning experience to your specific language goals and challenges. Collaborating closely with your tutor, you can develop a customized curriculum that hones in on your weaker areas and allows you to progress at your preferred pace. Moreover, class scheduling is adaptable, enabling you to select session times that align seamlessly with your timetable and make adjustments as necessary.

At our tutoring service, we offer diverse packages designed to cater to your unique requirements, ranging from individual sessions to comprehensive packages with multiple hours that you can utilize as needed. We firmly believe that personalized attention is the cornerstone of Russian language mastery, and our experienced tutors are committed to guiding you toward linguistic proficiency.



Single Hour - $60

5 Hours - $275

10 Hours - $500


Single Hour - $80

5 Hours - $375

10 Hours - $700

Neighborhoods Covered:

Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Downtown LA, KoreaTown, La Brea, and Fairfax.

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Languae Levels

6 Levels of Russian

Level 1: Начальный (Beginner)

Learn basic Russian greetings, introductions, and simple phrases for everyday situations. Focus on building a basic vocabulary and understanding essential grammar structures.

Level 3: Средний (Pre-Intermediate)

Master intermediate grammar concepts, explore topics such as travel, work, and cultural aspects of Russia. Enhance vocabulary and conversational fluency.

Level 5: Высший (Advanced)

Strengthen your vocabulary for academic and professional contexts. Prepare for language proficiency exams like the TOPIK. Work on advanced speaking skills and essay writing.

Level 2: Элементарный (Elementary)

Expand on basic conversational skills, learn more complex sentence structures, and delve into topics like family, hobbies, and daily routines. Develop reading and listening comprehension.

Level 4: Продвинутый (Intermediate)

Deepen your understanding of Russian grammar, including complex tenses and sentence constructions. Focus on business Russian, formal communication, and more advanced reading and writing skills.

Level 6: Высший уровень 2(Upper-Advanced)

Immerse yourself in Russian culture, literature, and humor. Explore regional accents and dialects. Prepare for advanced academic studies in Russian-speaking countries and language exams such as the TOPIK or university entrance exams.

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