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Dylan W.
English, Mandarin Chinese
Dylan Wang graduated with B.A. in literature and an M.A. degree in Chinese and English translation, Dylan has been teaching English and Chinese for 12 years. He is originally from China; he is very familiar with Chinese traditional cultural and arts. Dylan uses songs, movies, stories, pictures, and calligraphy to teach Chinese characters, standard mandarin speaking, and Chinese traditional cultural. There is a lot of fun to learn Chinese with Dylan.

Master's Degree in Translations Chinese and English
Kristina G.png
Kristina G.
English and Russian
As an immigrant herself, Kristina knows how isolating not knowing a language can feel, learning a new language can be extremely challenging. So she completely understands what you are going through when you are trying to establish your new life in a foreign country. That's why she is here to help you to feel more comfortable with your English speech wherever you go! For every student she develops an individualized program so that you achieve results faster!

Masters of Creative Art Therapy
Shelly S.jpg
Shelly S.

Shelly is a Hebrew native speaker who was born and raised in Israel. She earned her B.A. Degree from Tel Aviv University and a recent certification in Project Management from Cal State LA. Shelly is a

certified Hebrew Diagnostic Assessment Specialist and a Hebrew OPI Tester. She has over 15 years of experience teaching Hebrew in schools and at the college level, in person as well as online.

In her teaching of the Hebrew language and culture, Shelly uses multiple skills integration and a student-centered approach. Classes and curriculum are tailored to student’s needs, learning style and goals. In her free time Shelly likes: reading, cooking, dancing, painting, music, travel and more.

Above all, she brings her love and passion for the Hebrew language.


Arts of Psychology
Gianmarco B.jpg
Gianmarco B.
Italian, English, and Spanish

Gianmarco spent his childhood with his parents and grandparents in Florence, Italy. His grandma taught him to speak Spanish! During his college years, he started helping and tutoring kids with their Italian and Spanish homework at the local church. After his graduation from the Architecture School of Florence, he moved to Spain. He has worked and lived in Barcelona for almost 5 years, tutoring Spanish to kids.

His life now is in California with his wife. He has taught and tutored Italian and Spanish online and in-person with over 100+ students aged 7 to 85 in the past 10 years. His oldest student is 85 years old, and they still have lessons twice a week for almost two years now.


He likes traveling, cooking, gardening, biking, playing tennis, soccer, and chess.


Associate's Degree in Architecture
Barbara S.jpg
Barbara S.
English, Spanish, Italian, French, Ancient Greek, and Latin

Barbara was born and raised in Rome, where she graduated in Philosophy in 2005, and worked as Philosophy, Italian, Ancient Latin and Greek teacher in a private university called Unimarconi.

She moved to LA in 2016, and since then, she has been teaching Italian to children and adults. In 2020 she graduated in Theology at Ezra University.

Barbara is also a playwright, a songwriter, and happily married.


Master's Philosophy
Rutilio C.jpg
Rutilio C.
English and Spanish

Rutilio is from Mexico, where his family lives to this day. He often travels back to visit them.

His warm personality makes every class interactive and fun. Rutilio teaches Spanish and English to students of all ages and backgrounds.


Master's in English Language
Ruth S.jpg
Ruth S.
English and Spanish

Ruth is bilingual in Spanish and English and has a degree in English Literature. She is a strict tutor, who has been pushing her students to their best result and to fulfilling their potentials.


Bachelor's degree in English Literature.
Roxana J.png
Roxana J.
Persian or Farsi and German

Roxana is a Farsi/Persian native speaker. She got her degree in Germany, what made her fully bilingual in Farsi and German. She loves photography and makes her classes creative and artistic.


Bachelor's degree in Photography from Germany.
Nathalie R.jpg
Nathalie R.
French and English

Nathalie is a native French speaker from the Champagne region of France. She has been teaching /tutoring children, high school students and adults for the past 25 years, worked with public and private schools around Southern California, from beginner to AP and College levels. Hey innovative teaching approach and patience make her an ideal match for the role. The proven experience has helped her to enrich students with unparalleled engagement with the French language.

Her expertise with the French language and literature has developed her to emerge as a successful mentor. She understand that each student has a different mindset and different levels of learning capacity. She can tailor her teaching to suit the mindset of student and provide special attention to students with low grades.


Bachelors degree from Glendale Community College
Graciela M.jpg
Graciela M.
Spanish and English

She graduated with B.A. in Art History Education and an M.A. in Art History from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. After moving to the U.S., she completed her M.B.A. at Loyola University New Orleans. Her college experiences in both English and Spanish helped her be 100% bilingual, and gave her a deep understanding of what it’s like to be a student. She has been teaching Spanish for the last 20 years. She has taught Spanish at St. Rose Elementary, Luling Middle School, Halstrom Academy and City Kids LA. She has also tutored groups and one-on-one for the last 20 years in ESL, Reading, Math, Language Arts and Homework Help. She has taught Spanish to English speakers and English to Spanish speakers, which gives her a thorough understanding of both languages.


Master is Art History Education
Vincent S.
Mandarin Chinese and English

Vincent has been teaching English and Mandarin Chinese for over 3 years. His classes are very professional and attractive.

Master in Applied Linguistics
Bachelor of Chinese Philology
Cristiane F
Cristiane F.
Portuguese and English

She has been teaching Portuguese and English as a second language for 17 years, from beginner to advanced levels, and for people of all ages. She is originally from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Having lived in different countries throughout her life allowed her to unveil diversity and cultures. She has honed her communication, creativity, and motivational skills by teaching students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Her communicative and enthusiastic personality reflects on her teaching style. Her goal is to instruct her students in Portuguese grammar, vocabulary, written and reading activities, employing audios, videos, and communicative approach, encouraging language retention and eventual fluency.

And above all, making sure that all our objectives will be reached in a fun and enjoyable environment!


Post Graduate in English/Portuguese Translations.
Laurène W.jpg
Laurène W.

Laurène was born and raise in France, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree. She have 3 years of experience as a French tutor.


Bachelor's degree in product design from France.
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