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Accent Coach LA
Timothy B.
American Standard
A native English Speaker, Timothy grew up in Iowa and received his bachelor's degree in linguistics and Korean from The Ohio State University before pursuing his master’s degree in speech-language pathology from the University of Iowa. He has experience working in the medical setting as well as tutoring English in a variety of settings.

Timothy utilizes his background in phonetics, phonology, and speech science to teach accent reduction based on Standard American English pronunciation. He enjoys helping international students and non-native English speakers work towards their goals and increase confidence with their communication skills.

Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology
Accent Coach LA
Shaki A.
American Standard, Southern, New York, Mid West, Nigerian, West African Accents
Shaki Alliu graduated at the University Of Illinois with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theater and has tutored students in accent work, accent reduction, and vocal production.  She was born in the United States but spent her formative years in Nigeria where she learned English as a second language in Arabic school.  She grew up in a multi-language home, and has personal experience with accent reduction work as it was applied to her when she moved back to the States while in elementary school. 

She has tutored students of all backgrounds and learning abilities. Shaki now lives in  California, and works as a craft/theater artist and teacher. 

Fine Arts in Theater
Accent Coach LA
Laurène W.
Parisian Accent
Laurène was born and raise in France, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree. She have 3 years of experience as a French tutor.

Bachelor's degree in product design from France.
Accent Coach LA
Dylan W.
Chinese Accent
Dylan Wang graduated with B.A. in literature and an M.A. degree in Chinese and English translation, Dylan has been teaching English and Chinese for 12 years. He is originally from China; he is very familiar with Chinese traditional cultural and arts. Dylan uses songs, movies, stories, pictures, and calligraphy to teach Chinese characters, standard mandarin speaking, and Chinese traditional cultural. There is a lot of fun to learn Chinese with Dylan.

Master's Degree in Translations Chinese and English
Accent Coach LA
Kristina G.
Russian Accent
As an immigrant herself, Kristina knows how isolating not knowing a language can feel, learning a new language can be extremely challenging. So she completely understands what you are going through when you are trying to establish your new life in a foreign country. That's why she is here to help you to feel more comfortable with your English speech wherever you go! For every student she develops an individualized program so that you achieve results faster!

Masters of Creative Art Therapy
Accent Coach LA
Thiago T.
Brazilian Portuguese Accent
Thiago is Brazilian, graduated in International Relations and Acting and loves to travel. He has lived in Argentina, Spain and currently lives in the USA. He has extensive experience in dealing with people and a great knowledge of the languages he teaches. In his spare time he likes to read, play sports and walk his pet.

Degree in International Relations
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