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Accents for Actors

Lights, Camera, Accent!

Accent coaches and trainers - get accent training and accent modification in Los Angeles with top coaches - Accent training for Actors
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Private Coaching

Work remotely with expert linguists to get just that sound you need for the role of your dreams.

On-Set Accent and Dialect Coaching

Get a coach to come to your set and guide you through every step of the way.

Group Workshops

Online group workshops will help you refine various accents and learn new ones too.

One-on-One Coaching

A personal accent coach is a must-have for any professional actor, whether you are a foreign actor seeking to perfect American Standard Pronunciation desired by Hollywood casting directors, or an American actor looking to expand your horizons by adding more foreign and unique accents to your resume.

Having a personal coach means having all the attention you need. Many students learn on steady schedules, working on one dialect of their choosing, while others choose to have a few hours stored in their accounts and use them before auditions.


Our packages offer full flexibility. You can choose to pay by the hour or purchase a package and use those hours as you see fit.


Standard Coaching

Single Hour - $120

5 Hours - $500

10 Hours - $800 ​

Tier X Coaching

(Special Coach with 10+ years experience)

Single Hour - $300

5 Hours - $1325

10 Hours - $2250

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Upcoming Workshops

Accent Training, Coaching and Modification for Actors in Los Angeles

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American Standard

American and British Accent Training for Actors in Hollywood

The Gentlemen

British London

A group workshop is a great opportunity for actors to practice and stay on top of accents and dialects.

Each workshop focuses on a new script, which may be a scene from a movie, a screenplay, or even a submission from a student. Since classes have limited seating, participants will have the chance to practice and receive personal feedback from the coaches.

Flexible options are available. You can choose to pay for each workshop separately, get a package of workshops, or subscribe to four workshops per month.

Single Workshop - $50

8 Workshops - $300

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