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Is the French Language Becoming the Future?

Speaking more than one language is like having a spare soul. You can have a combination of French and English, and it will save you a lot since these two languages are among the most spoken languages in the world today. Over the past two decades, the French language has grown faster than the previous years, and by 2040 it could be among the top two most spoken languages globally. Currently, French is spoken by a population of about 276 million, making it the fifth most spoken language after English(1.4 billion), Chinese Mandarin(1.1 billion), Hindi(638 million), and Spanish(538 million).

The Difficulty of the French Language

According to the FSI scale (Foreign Service Institute), French is the Category-I language, and it will not be difficult for a native English speaker to speak it fluently. Recently, many English speakers have learned French as their second language.

French and English share a lot of similar words. For example, in these words, une place de parking, un gentleman, un hamburger, un job, which mean a parking space, a gentleman, a hamburger, a job, respectively. A native English speaker can easily guess what these words mean without translating. However, note that some words that look identical may mean something very different in the other language, so do not jump directly to a conclusion!

French Speaking Countries And Continents.

French Speaking Countries And Continents

Almost every continent is currently speaking the French language, but there has been massive growth in the sub-Saharan African countries. About 26 African countries use French actively. It is, in fact, the official language in countries like Benin, Burkina, Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Madagascar, Mali, Monaco, Niger, Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Togo, etc.

In the Americas, French comes number two after English in Canada, making it the most French-speaking country in the Americas. Both English & French languages have legal status and are the official languages of Canada, Haiti, French Guiana, Martinique, and Guadalupe.

Some countries in Europe use French as an official or even national language, including France, Belgium, Monaco, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. However, even in the remaining countries, there is a minority that speaks French.

Why You Should Learn French

Travel With Confidence

It is scary to travel to another state only to find that they do not speak your language there. There are so many epic destinations you can confidently travel to when you learn French. Even understanding the basics can help you talk while you can finish your sentences with some physical gestures. Huh, that sounds odd. Right? But you will get the motivation to learn this language.

A Language For Learning Other Languages

French is generally considered a gateway to learning other foreign languages. Languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian contain some vocabulary used in French, and it will be a good base if you want to start exploring these languages.

A World Language

French is the only foreign language that is widely taught alongside English in every country worldwide. Also, it is among the topmost spoken languages in the world.

A Language Of Culture And Fashion

The French language is a doorway to some of the world's top fashion galleries, sciences, architectures, and arts. Besides, you will be able to access the works of great French writers like Victor Hugo, poets like Jacques Prévert, and even singers like Charles Aznavour.

Explore International Job Market

If you can speak French, you already have a higher advantage in the international job market. It is a gateway to working in companies in France and other French-speaking countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Learn French?

There are many ways one can learn French from a beginner level to attain mastery within a few months. But I will say it all depends on your speed, motivation, and effort. Fortunately, in the technology era, it has become even easy by online learning sites and institutions that are slowly wiping out learning in universities due to the flexibility & comfort.

Self-learning can hinder becoming fluent in French because no one pushes you to do so, but the motivation is within you. There is also no one to give you a quick assessment of your progress or advice on what you should avoid.

How Can I Improve My French Accent?

Every person speaking French always asks this question, but the truth is you can not be that perfect unless you started learning when you were a child. However, you can be ideal if you practice daily by listening to audio tools, learning online lessons, and learning French particularities like rhythm, jazz, and liaisons.

How Can I Maintain My French While I Don't Live In France?

Learning French can be such a pain if you realize that you can hardly pronounce simple words after years of practice. The answer to this is constantly speaking or reading French. I recommend writing a blog article every month as writing is one of the best ways to master a skill. You can also watch a movie which has French subtitles. It can be fun as you are entertaining yourself and learning.

Learning a new language can be fun. But it will need a lot of effort from within. Your instructor can put all their effort into helping you understand, but you can never be perfect without your motivation. If you are after the flexibility in learning, you have to try learning online since there are a lot of sites you can register with and start right away.


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