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Language Academia doesn't use the boring books to teach. We target your specific goals and create a custom program to fastest results.


The most recognized language in the world, spoken in more than 50 countries. The language of Technology and Science.

Learn American or British English with a personal English tutor, practice in English groups.


The language of love and romance, spoken by people that know how to live life.

Learn with a French tutor or teacher, practice French in groups. Visit out library to learn French with movies.


Over a billion native-speakers, who concord the business world and open a new market. Chinese language is becoming more and more promising, and yet remains one of the oldest languages in the world still in use.

Meet the Founder

Actors, that have their own business

Kordilia F.

Travelled to over 50 countries under 18. Learned 4 languages. Created a unique technique to teach languages. Taught in 4 schools and has over 100 happy students.



Alina N.

Belarus 🇧🇾 

I was moving to another country and was worried to work as an accountant in a new language, but a few courses and private classes for a year really helped me have a good start.


Akari I.

Japan 🇯🇵 

The teacher didn't speak a word of Japanese to me. It helped me finally start speaking after being so afraid to make a mistake.


Rotem P.

Israel 🇮🇱 

As an actress I needed to improve my reading. Language Academia really helped me develop what I needed pretty fast.


Kati S.

USA 🇺🇸 

I moved to America 5 years ago and took many courses but I couldn't speak fluently and couldn't build a career of my dreams. My tutor taught me to meet people, joke and build first connection. I'm now making my way into fashion business.

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