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Language Academia in Los Angeles Partners with Dialect Coach Jack Wallace


Los Angeles, CA - Language Academia, a premier institution dedicated to language learning, has announced an exciting collaboration with Jack Wallace, a seasoned dialect coach based in Los Angeles. Known for his expertise in teaching actors various accents, Jack Wallace brings a wealth of experience and a supportive approach to this partnership.

Jack Wallace, originally from Warwickshire, England, has always been fascinated by accents. Growing up with a Northern Irish mother, he was exposed to different accents from a young age. This early interest led him to pursue formal studies, culminating in an MA in Professional Voice Practice from The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. He is also a certified One-Voice Practitioner and a registered coach with, which ensures his qualifications and skills are of the highest standard.

At the core of Jack’s teaching philosophy is the belief that an accent should enhance an actor's performance, not distract from it. His approach is both detailed and playful, focusing on pinpointing specific sounds and encouraging a natural feel for the accent. This method has proven effective for actors preparing for auditions, booked roles, or simply wanting to expand their skill set.

Jack conducts most of his sessions via web meetings, making his expertise accessible to clients worldwide. Each session typically lasts one hour and involves a range of techniques tailored to the individual needs of the client. Jack’s ability to identify the exact sounds that need refinement helps clients achieve their target accents accurately and naturally.

This partnership with Language Academia will allow more actors and business professionals to benefit from Jack’s expertise. Language Academia is dedicated to providing comprehensive language and accent training, and adding Jack Wallace to their roster of experts underscores their commitment to excellence.

For actors, mastering different accents can be crucial for landing diverse roles and standing out in a competitive industry. Jack Wallace’s proven methods and supportive coaching style make him a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their accent skills. As Jack himself puts it, "No accent is too obscure to learn, provided you know the rules of engagement."

Language Academia and Jack Wallace look forward to a fruitful collaboration that will help many more individuals achieve their accent goals. Whether preparing for a specific role or aiming to become more marketable in the acting world, clients can now access top-notch accent training through this exciting partnership.

If you are interested in working with Jack Wallace, please visit our contact page to inquire.

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