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Survival Level Phrases in Japanese

Planning a trip to Japan? Whether you're a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first international adventure, mastering a few key phrases in Japanese can make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. Here's a curated selection of survival-level Japanese phrases to help you navigate common situations with ease:

Greetings & Basic Politeness

Survival Level Phrases in Japanese

Konnichiwa (こんにちは) - Start your interactions with a friendly "hello" during the daytime.

Ohayō gozaimasu (おはようございます) - Greet the morning with a polite "good morning."

Konbanwa (こんばんは) - Say "good evening" when the sun sets.

Arigatō gozaimasu (ありがとうございます) - Express gratitude with a sincere "thank you."

Dōzo (どうぞ) - Offer something politely with "please."

Sumimasen (すみません) - Politely excuse yourself or get someone's attention.

Hai (はい) - Respond affirmatively with "yes."

Iie (いいえ) - Politely decline or respond negatively with "no."

Numbers (1-10)

numbers in Japanese

Ichi (いち) - One

Ni (に) - Two

San (さん) - Three

Shi (し) - Four

Go (ご) - Five

Roku (ろく) - Six

Nana (なな) - Seven

Hachi (はち) - Eight

Kyuu (きゅう) - Nine

Jū (じゅう) - Ten

Getting Help

help in japanese

Toire wa doko desu ka? (トイレはどこですか?) - In need of the bathroom? Ask, "Where is the toilet?"

Watashi wa Eigo o hanashimasen. (私は英語を話しません。) - Let others know you don't speak English.

Tasukete kudasai! (助けてください!) - In an emergency? Cry for help with "Help me!"

Phrases for Shopping & Eating

shoping in Japan

Kudasai (ください) - Politely request something with "please."

Kore o onegaishimasu. (これをください。) - Specify your desire with "I would like this please."

Okanjō, onegaishimasu. (お勘定、お願いします。) - Request the bill with "Check please."

General Questions

Japanese questions

Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu. (どうぞよろしくおねがいします。) - Politely request cooperation or assistance.

Wakarimasen (わかりません。) - Admit lack of understanding with "I don't understand."

Arigatō gozaimashita! (ありがとうございました!) - Show appreciation with "Thank you very much!"

Additional Tips

- Learn basic gestures: A bow is a sign of respect in Japan.

- Speak slowly and politely: Courtesy is appreciated.

- Don't hesitate to point: It aids communication.

Mastering these essential phrases will empower you to tackle basic situations in Japan with confidence. Whether you're exploring bustling cities, serene countryside, or vibrant markets, these linguistic tools will enhance your travel experience. So pack your bags, arm yourself with these phrases, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable Japanese adventure!

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