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Our summer intensive program is for those who want to learn a language but cannot commit time for a whole year. It is a three-month course running from June to August every year. The course will cover a year's worth of study material within these three months. 

Students will have to commit 12 hours a week divided into four classes to complete the course. This course is only available for three levels- Beginner, Elementary, and Pre-Intermediate. Anyone who is 16 years or older can enroll themselves in this course. 

Our classes are meticulously designed so the students can learn everything they need to know without feeling stressed. Students' comfort is our number one priority as we believe overburdening can ruin their whole learning experience. 

Summer Language Intensives

The productive versions of your summer!

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Kids with Backpacks

Benefits of Intensive Language Courses

Intensive language courses allow you to learn a language within a shorter timeframe. It is ideal for those with time constraints or who want to make the best of their holidays.

However, it is not the only benefit of taking an intensive course. It offers several other benefits that will make your language learning journey smooth and fun.

When you choose an intensive language course, you have to be ready for a higher frequency of classes throughout the week. It helps you stay focused on the language, and your brain doesn’t get enough time to forget what you learn in class.

Moreover, when in a fast-paced learning environment, you have no choice but to immerse yourself in the language to keep up with the pace. It helps you retain the knowledge and become comfortable with the language.
Frequent classes with shorter gaps also mean you are exposed to the language regularly. You frequently listen to the new language, which may not be possible in other course formats. You also get to converse in the language almost on a daily basis. This regular practice will help you achieve fluency much faster.     

Benefits of Learning in a Group

Group Levels

How It Works

Everything you need to know about our Summer Intensives


We are looking for a new location now, after Covid-19, in West Hollywood. Address will be here.


Sign up is open March First and until June First. 


Fill out the form, choose the language, choose your level, and see the schedule available for the class.


The class is 4 days a week, 3 hours each. It's called intensive for a good reason.


The price of $2000 USD is changed entirely in 1 shot at sign up.


Choose your book option from the available, when filling out the form.


If a class comes to a national holiday it will be rescheduled to the nearest day available.


Arrive to your first class in a good mood and open minded and get your books at your class.

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