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Why Study in the US?

The United States attracts the highest number of international students. According to reports, more than 1 million international students go to the United States every year to complete their higher education.

The country is home to some of the best educational institutions in the world. These universities constantly rank top in the world university ranking for providing quality education. A degree from an American university is held in high regard across the world. Renowned academicians with world fame teach in these universities. 

Besides, US universities are known for their diverse course offerings and unique curriculum. Students in the US have more liberty when it comes to choosing a major. Even at the Ph.D. level, the courses are pretty diverse. 

Furthermore, studying in an American university exposes a student to diverse cultures. People from all around the world teach and study in these universities. This cultural multiplicity offers an enriching experience to the students that stay with them.

Study in the US

Have you always wanted to get your Bachelor’s or Master's degree in the United States?

San Francisco Skyline at Sunrise, California, USA.jpg

About the Program

Study Abroad has been created for students aged 16-25 who live outside of the United States and hope to attend a college or university in the United States.

The program includes intensive studies in English as a Second Language, Mathematics and Academic Writing, college counseling for the future student and parents (for those under the age of 21), collecting documentation for college applications and visa applications, essay guidance, and adjustment period, amongst other important things.

Applying to a college is an extremely stressful and confusing task for adults, who both live in the same country and speak the same language, and have gone through this process themselves before. Our team of professionals knows what it takes and will be at your side for years, guiding you through this process and prepping you for every test that comes along this complex path that you have chosen. 

With Language Academia you are one step closer to your dreams coming true!

About the Program

How to Apply for College in USA for International Students

How to apply

English Proficiency

A certain level of English proficiency is a must to be considered eligible for admission to US universities. An international applicant needs to present the score of an English proficiency test while submitting their applications. Some of the most widely accepted English proficiency tests are IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), Cambridge English Advanced (CAE), and Pearson Test of English (PTE). Each university sets its own criteria in terms of the test and the acceptable score. 

If you don’t speak English, you must take an English course before appearing for these tests. You may want to share your goal with the course instructor so that they can advise you on which course to take and when you are ready for a test.

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English Proficiency
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Both SAT and ACT scores are widely used by US colleges for selection and scholarship decisions. The tests cover similar topics but differ in structure, scoring system, and to some extent, content.

The syllabus of SAT includes Reading, Writing and language, Mathematics, and Essay. The syllabus for ACT includes English, Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Essay. In both cases, the Essay is optional. 

Both the exams aim to assess the college readiness of the students. Different students with a particular skill set and aptitude tend to do better in one over the other. Some experts say students with strong mathematical skills tend to do better in SAT, and students with strong English may score higher in the ACT. However, there is no conclusive evidence to support this claim.


Student Visa

The United States government issue two main types of student visas: F and M. You need to obtain a student visa before traveling to the US for the purpose of the study. After a SEVP (Student Exchange and Visitor Program) approved school accepts your application, you need to register on Student and Exchange Visitor Information System and pay the fees. The school then issues Form I-20 to the student. A student needs to furnish this form while applying for a student visa.

Reality of Scholarships

Several fully funded scholarships are available for international students in the US. Some scholarships are offered by the United States government, while others are offered by various universities and other organizations. Scholarships are awarded based on academic ability and financial requirements.

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Student Visa
Reality of Scholarships
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International Students and Ivy League

The US has 8 Ivy League schools that are known for their academic excellence. They are Princeton University, Columbia University, Harvard University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth College, Brown University, and Cornell University. Besides, there are three other universities that are not technically Ivy League but enjoy similar status. These universities are MIT, CalTech, and Standford University.

These universities have a highly selective admission process and a low acceptance rate. However, a significant percentage of Ivy League students consists of international students. International students need to submit their SAT/ACT scores to be considered for a program. Ivy Universities offer financial assistance to international students and often follow a ‘need-blind’ selection process. That means the financial need doesn’t impact the admission decision.

International Students and Ivy League

Meet the Team Leader

You get to work with our:

 College Counselors
 SAT & TOEFL Tutors
 Essay Advisors

In collaboration with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose a package that meets your needs.

Choose a package


$1,000 USD 

(Recommended for Students with good level of English, good grades, and extensive extracurricular)

  College Counselor 1 Sessions
  SAT Math Prep 3 sessions
  SAT English Prep 3 sessions
  Essay Counseling 3 sessions
  12 TOEFL Classes


$2,200 USD 

(Recommended for Students, who require more help with Mathematics and Science, but have good English skills)

  College Counselor 3 Sessions
  SAT Math Counselor 10 sessions
  SAT English Counselor 10 sessions
  Essay Counseling 5 sessions
  TOEFL Monthly Class

✓  College Applications Final Review


$1000 USD/Month

(12 monthly payments. Recommended for students, who haven't chosen a major and require assistance with Math and English)

  College Counselor 5 Sessions
  SAT Math Weekly Classes
  SAT English W
eekly Classes
  Essay Counseling Monthly Sessions
  TOEFL Weekly Class
  ESL Twice a Week Class

✓  College Applications Monitoring
✓  Visa Application Assistance

✓  Visa Interview Preparations

✓  Adjustment Period 3 Months

✓  College Scholarships Application Counseling

* Only Pay $15 USD Application Fee For Now

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