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Man in Theater with Script

International Roles in Movies

Once upon a time a friend of ours called in very late and asked for help. He was an American born Egyptian. His manager asked him to put "Egyptian" to his resume and so he did.

The word "Egyptian" gave him his first acting roles. We were happy for him. But the word "Egyptian" gave him auditions in Arabic. He was scared. 

He only knew Arabic from listening to his dad talk Arabic, when our friend was young. He knew a few words. But now, he couldn't fail his new manager, who got him work of his dream.

Script Translations and Interpretations

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Man in Theater with Script

Not Just a Translation

Our friend, let's call him Michael, called in, asking for help. He said: "The audition is due tomorrow at noon, please, please tell me you can help, I have no idea what it says."

Of course we could help! We have been translating for so long, how hard can it be? And so, in 2 hours, Michael had his document with English words. He called again. 

"Hey, any chance the translator can record this and slowly say how exactly to pronounce each word?"

Hmmm, I guess! We never thought that that's what you need. But what's hard about reading these lines slowly to a native Arabic speaker, right? It just needed to be done fast.

And that is how it started. That was beginning of 2022.

Since then, Michael's friends have come with similar requests for French, Chinese, Spanish, Hebrew and Norwegian (that was a hard one!). Some of them, even got the part.

What You Get

What You Get


Prices very greatly from project to project, due to a large numbers of factors involved.

The affecting factors include, but aren't limited to length, languages involved, and deadline.

It's a $50 minimum.


This is an approximation. We will review your project before giving you an accurate quote.

How It Works

Translations and Interpretations for Bilingual Actors


Fill out the form with all the details.


Choose the length (how many pages) of script.


Choose the languages of the script and translation.


Choose the deadline we will be working with.


Upload the file. Please convert it into a PDF prior. 


Choose and upload an NDA if such is required.


Get a call from our support and get a quote.


Pay your invoice, no additional fees.


Get your results emailed to you before the deadline.


Understanding your script is a priority for a successful audition.


If the original language of the script uses character or non latin letter, you could use this.


We aren't actors, but we will provide you with an audio with proper pronunciation.

Slow Read

Catching the exact sound could be tricky. This is a slow breakdown for each word.

How It Works

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