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Account Registration

In order to use many of the features that are offered through the Language Academia Platform, you must create an account ("Language Academia Account") and become a Member.

Your Language Academia Account is for personal, non-commercial use only, provided that, if you are creating an Language Academia Account on behalf of a Company, you may authorize their Employees to use of the Language Academia Platform. To create an Language Academia Account, you must be eligible to use the Language Academia Platform for which you are registering, be a resident of a country where use of the Language Academia Platform is permitted, have a valid email address, have a valid mobile phone number (if applicable) and provide truthful and accurate information. You may not impersonate someone else, provide an email address or mobile phone number other than your own or create multiple Language Academia Accounts. You may choose to show a pseudonym to other Members, but please remember that others may still be able to identify you if, for example, you include identifying information during your use of the Language Academia Platform, use the same Language Academia Account information on other sites or allow other sites to share information about you with us. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

You may not have more than one (1) active Language Academia Account. You agree to provide accurate, current and complete information during the registration process and to update such information to keep it accurate, current and complete. Language Academia reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Language Academia Account and your access to the Language Academia Platform if you create more than one (1) Language Academia Account, or if any information provided during the registration process or thereafter proves to be inaccurate, fraudulent, not current, incomplete, or otherwise in violation of these Language Academia Terms.

In addition, to create a Language Academia Account, Language Academia may require you to select a username and password. You acknowledge that you shall be responsible for ensuring that any username you select does not infringe any third-party rights and is not otherwise unlawful. Language Academia may refuse to grant you a username in Language Academia’s sole discretion for any reason including if the proposed username impersonates or misleadingly implies an association with the persona of another person or entity, is or may be illegal, is or may be protected by trademark or other proprietary rights, is vulgar or otherwise offensive, or may cause confusion, or for any other reason as determined by Language Academia in Language Academia’s sole discretion. Your selection and use of a specific username do not convey any ownership or rights in that username and Language Academia reserves the right to revoke and/or reassign that username in Language Academia’s sole discretion. You understand and agree that Language Academia reserves the right to change, remove, alter or delete any username, with or without prior notice to you, at any time and for any reason in Language Academia’s sole discretion. YOU ARE ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTAINING THE CONFIDENTIALITY OF YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD AND ALL ACCESS TO AND USE OF YOUR LANGUAGE ACADEMIA ACCOUNT, INCLUDING ANY AND ALL ACTIVITIES (INCLUDING USE OF THE LANGUAGE ACADEMIA PLATFORM, AS APPLICABLE) THAT ARE CONDUCTED THROUGH THE USE OF YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD WHETHER OR NOT AUTHORIZED BY YOU. YOUR LANGUAGE ACADEMIA ACCOUNT MAY BE SUSPENDED OR TERMINATED IF SOMEONE ELSE USES YOUR LANGUAGE ACADEMIA ACCOUNT TO ENGAGE IN ACTIVITY THAT VIOLATES THESE LANGUAGE ACADEMIA TERMS.

You agree to notify Language Academia immediately of any unauthorized use of your Language Academia Account. We reserve the right to close your Language Academia Account at any time if you violate these Language Academia Terms or if we otherwise have a legitimate interest to do so, such as complying with a legal or regulatory obligation.

Third-Party Account

You can also register to become a Member by logging into your account with certain third-party social networking sites ("SNS") including, but not limited to, Facebook and WeChat (each such account is a "Third-Party Account"), through our Sites or Applications. Unless you add your email address or phone number and set up a password for such account, if a Third-Party Account or associated service becomes unavailable or Language Academia's access to such Third-Party Account is terminated by you or the third-party service provider, then you are no longer be able to log into any Language Academia Platform through such Third-Party Account.

Link to a Company

If you are an Employee of a Company, during the registration process, you may identify a Company with whom your profile and Language Academia Account is associated. Alternately, your individual profile may have been created by an authorized representative of the Company, and your profile and Language Academia Account will be associated with such Company. If your Language Academia Credits, Teacher Services and Payment Services are provided or scheduled by a Company, you may lose access to such Language Academia Credits, Teacher Services and Payment Services upon termination or change in status of your relationship with such Company. If you are an authorized representative of an entity receiving the Services, you hereby warrant and represent to us that (a) you have the proper authority to create, terminate and maintain the company account and to add and remove individual members to and from the account and (b) you have obtained all necessary consent from any applicable individuals for the creation of their accounts and the processing of individual information. You agree to indemnify us for any loss we may suffer as a result of any breach of these warranties and representations.

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