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Language for Corporate

Are you moving to a new country, spending a year of college enrolled in an exchange program, or maybe you got accepting into a college abroad? We've been there.

One of the biggest questions is "How do I learn a foreign language in 1 year?". We've got you covered. 1-year language program is designed to get you ZERO to One Hundred in no time.

We won't lie to you - this isn't easy or for everyone, it includes some extreme deduction to achieving this goal, a lot of hours with a tutor, practice hours with a native-speaker, and many more tasks that have been prepared for you by our team.

Get the best for your team

Language for Corporate

Teacher that will arrive to your office to train your team members.

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Skyscrapers Above Times Square at Dawn

About the Program

This course is designed for companies that want their workers to become proficient in a new foreign language within a limited time. Currently, we offer group classes for Los Angeles-based companies. Our teachers will visit your office, tutor the workers in the language, make them participate in group activities, and provide personal guidance as and when necessary.

The courses are focussed on developing the learner’s foreign language skills that are useful in a workspace and other business environments. It will enable them to communicate with overseas clients more efficiently in their language. All the courses are customized, keeping in mind the specific need of the industry the company works in. So, you workers will only learn what is relevant to them.

The courses are ideal for the career growth of each participating individual and also an ideal exercise for the team-building experience. When a group of co-workers learns a new language together, they get to practice it among themselves, which in turn, helps them develop the language skills faster.  

We also offer online classes for companies that are located outside LA. The course design is the same, with minor tweaks to make it more suitable for online platforms. Workers can participate as a group in the online classes and quickly pick up the business vocabulary.  

About the Program

What's Included in The Program?

How to Learn a New Language in 1 Year

In-Person and Online

Our Language for Corporate program is for those corporates that conduct business with international clients and need to communicate with them regularly. It is especially useful for those companies where workers from different departments need to coordinate with the client to get the job done. In such situations, one or two liaison person is not enough to maintain communication. It requires everybody on the team to be able to communicate in the language.

This course offers excellent scope for the team to grow and improve together. Co-workers will participate in the classes together, learn at the same pace, help each other in the process, and at the end, they all will be on the same page.
Our online classes are for corporates based outside LA who want to learn English or other languages. The learning method will almost be the same as the offline mode with minor changes.

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Reality of Learning a New Language

Learning a new language requires time, energy, dedication, and patience. It may take a learner up to 10 years to fully master a new language, but often, people do not actually need to learn a language fully. Different people learn a language for different purposes. Keeping that in mind, we design separate courses that serve the need of a particular group.
This program is exclusively designed for corporates who work with overseas clients. In this course, we strictly stick to the words and terminologies related to a business environment. Your team gets all the assistance and support from our expert teachers to become proficient in this specific type of language that is different from regular conversation. We further narrow it down to specific industries and sectors and customize the curriculum accordingly so that our students learn what they need.  

Reality of Learning a New Language




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