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Language for Business

Do you need to communicate with your clients, colleagues, and business partners in a language you don’t know? Or maybe you are relocating to a new country where you need to conduct business? We’ve got you covered.

Our Language for Business program is specifically for those who need to pick up the business vocabulary fast. This 1-year business language program will get you ZERO to One Hundred in no time.

Yes, we need your 100% dedication in this journey with us. It will involve hours of tutoring, regular practice with native speakers, and other tasks designed by our team of experts.      

Language for Business

Language for Business

How to learn a new language fast and efficient to conduct business?

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San Francisco Skyline at Sunrise, California, USA.jpg

About the Program

It requires special skills to successfully communicate in the business environment. Even when you have a good level of basic language skills, you may not be able to navigate the business world without knowing the vocabulary specific to that field.   


Regular language courses start with basics and then gradually proceed to more complex areas. It is an excellent way to learn a new language. However, this process may take you over 10 years to achieve a level of proficiency that would allow you to communicate in your workspace. Our business language programs are designed to solve this problem for all non-native speakers who need to learn the language fast.

We research your industry, understand its needs and customize the program accordingly so that you can achieve the required level of proficiency within a year. It is a compact and targeted language program that will make you aware of all the relevant terminologies and vocabulary


There are chances that after a year of learning, you may not be able to engage in casual conversations about weather or food. However, you will be ready to comfortably talk about bonds, stocks, and all things related to your business niche.

About the Program

How Can I Learn Business Language?

How to Learn a New Language in 1 Year

Why is This Course Different?

This course is specially focused on making you proficient in business language skills. Unlike traditional language courses, it will go straight into the complex vocabulary bypassing the basics. So, you will not need to learn simple words like the name of the foods or family members in order to proceed to learn the words that are relevant to your business.


It will save you precious time and energy that would otherwise be spent on learning unnecessary nitty-gritty. You can always go back to learn the regular words whenever you have the time. In this course, you will learn only the things necessary to communicate in a workspace and business environment.

For example, if you operate in the automobile industry, you will get to learn the words for different parts of a car but not about some IT stuff. Similarly, if you are an engineer working in a specialized field, you learn about the terms that if related to your area of expertise.   

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Reality of Learning a New Language

Learning a new language requires time, energy, dedication, and patience. It may take a learner up to 10 years to fully master a new language, but often, people do not actually need to learn a language fully. Different people learn a language for different purposes. Keeping that in mind, we design separate courses that serve the need of a particular group.

This program is exclusively designed for people who are looking for business language courses. Here, we strictly stick to the words and terminologies related to a business environment. You get all the assistance and support from our team to become proficient in this specific type of language that is different from regular conversation. We further narrow it down to specific industries and sectors and customize the curriculum accordingly so that you learn what you need.    

Reality of Learning a New Language




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