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We offer English language learning classes in Los Angeles. Our group classes are designed to accommodate learners with different levels of fluency. Six levels of classes are available: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, and Upper-Advanced. 
Interested candidates can take our free test to determine their levels before enrolment. The classes are conducted twice a week in small groups. We use the latest and most scientific methods of language learning without overburdening the students. Our team of experts ensures that everyone in the class gets the attention they require. 

Group Classes

Do you want to learn a new language?

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Benefits of Learning in a Group

Learning a language in a group is always a rewarding experience. It boosts your confidence and helps you develop your speaking skills. You can overcome the speaking anxiety more quickly while you get to practice the language with other speakers who are at the same level. 
Group learning also fosters healthy competition among the students and motivates them to do better. Exploring a new language with fellow learners is always more fun than doing it in isolation. Collaborating and exchanging ideas while exploring the language together will help you understand the nuances of the language better. 
It promotes a holistic approach that most other learning methods lack. Participation in group activities helps you become more independent. In a group, you help each other while enhancing your individual language skills. Understanding the challenges and finding their solutions become much easier when you have a group of fellow students to support you.  
Group learning also helps to build a knowledge pool bringing together an array of skills and perspectives. The knowledge pool helps the students enhance their critical thinking skills, which is necessary for learning a language successfully. 

Benefits of Learning in a Group

Group Levels

How It Works

Everything you need to know about our Group Classes



XXX, 90027


Take our free TEST to find the best level of the group. Skip the TEST if you are a beginner.


Sign up for a group class is open 6 months prior and 2 months after the class begins.


Some classes will have more than 1 available times. You can choose the most convenient to you.


Sign up for a group class by filling out a form below and complete the payment details at checkout.


You will be charged only for your first month immediately and not again until classes start.


When filling out the form you will be given a few options to pay for books that will be used in class.


Within 24 hours you will receive an invoice for the book of your choice, that you need to pay.


There are no hidden fees, such as application, enrollment, we like to keep it simple. 


Dropping out before the class starts will result in a penalty that equals one month of the class.


Class takes place twice a week on scheduled days. If the level is too easy or too hard you can transfer. 


Classes that are coming on holidays will be rescheduled to the nearest date.


A class lasts 60-90 minutes depending on the level you are studying.


We give minimum homework to our students. Minimum homework equals minimum stress.


Students who continue to study with us for a second and further year get a growing discount annually.

Group Levels

Group Classes Sign Up

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