How it works

Intensive learning

We have different types of teachers:

Licensed professionals with a degree;

Experienced tutors;

Native speakers from different countries;

Accent coaches and speech pathologists.

Find a perfect teacher for you here.

Every teacher and tutor has a unique approach. Get 1, 5 or 10 classes to achieve your short terms goal: prepare for an upcoming test, job or college interview or try learning a new language before you make a decision.

Find a native-speaker from a relevant country to practice you skills and improve your language with. Learn through experience and culture, discuss movies, career, life and more.

Don't stop at speaking fluently, speak like a native-speaker: American, English, French.


You don't have to sound like a tourist.

Many careers require accent reduction: acting, singing, journalists and many other. Our accent coaches focus not only on helping you sound less like a tourist, but target the specific dialect, like NYC.

Find a professional licensed language teacher for you kid. Children perceive new languages much faster. Most common languages parents choose are English, Mandarin Chinese, French and German, but many take Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Swedish. It opens new opportunities for future higher education and career paths.

Meet any of our teachers or native-speakers to choose the one you want to learn with at a lower rate.

This is a perfect chance to get to know the school and ask any questions and get a professional advice.

Our intensive course is designed for your long term goals: learning a language from any level and to fluency. You get a team assigned to you of a teacher, tutor and a native speaker, who will design a custom program based on your goals. You can choose to learn from 1 to 6 times a week.

Jump from your current level of language to the next in 3, 4 or 6 months. Custom program designed specifically for your learning abilities, targets the difficulties you had before and turns them into your advantage.

Pass any interview, secure any job, convince your boss that you speak the language fluently even if you don't... yet...

Extremely deep course based on your career requirements. We search for relevant material and create a program that helps you sound professional no matter the situation.

Big corporations also seek to provide best to their employees, including helping help learn English, the most recognized and business used language of the 21st century.

Book a class with a representative to discuss this amazing opportunity.

Budget Friendly Classes

Our group classes are designed for advanced and beginners levels.

Advanced class are perfect to help you improve your language skills on budget. Talk about most interesting topics with a teacher and a group and receive a feedback on what you can improve.

Beginner classes on regular basis will give you a good and strong grasp on the language: English, French, Mandarin, Hebrew, and more.

Repetition is the mother of mastery!

Practice with other students 24/7, learn from one another, get tasks and new topics every day to text and chat about.

Discuss movies, news, careers, make new friends and all while improving your language skills.

This is how much we love you ❤️ 

Only $25 a month, no other fees.